Blowe Family Dentistry is constantly pursuing continuing education opportunities to expand the variety of procedures they are able to offer. Whether you need a routine checkup, or something more advanced, Blowe Family Dentistry provides dental services to suit a wide range of patient needs. Dr. Abby Blowe is fluent in Spanish and warmly welcomes all Spanish-speaking patients.

Treatments include:




Preventative Dentistry is our goal for every patient. It involves daily care, good nutrition, and periodic hygiene therapy to maintain good dental health. Preventative dentistry may not be where we start with every patient, but it is where we like to finish.


Restorative Dentistry is basic repair of the mouth. We mend broken or leaking fillings, build crowns and bridges, fit partials and dentures, as well as realign your bite. Where necessary, gum disease is treated, or root canal therapy is recommended. The prevailing belief behind restorative dentistry is a simple one: you can keep all of your teeth for all of your life.
Cosmetic Dentistry is coming of age with new materials and procedures that make a beautiful smile accessible to everyone. Because our preventative andrestorative programs have been so successful, we now have the luxury of considering cosmetic treatment for gaps, chipped teeth, and otherwise less-than-perfect smiles. Our practice offers several bleaching options including Zoom in-office whitening. We also offer invisible braces, which is a wonderful alternative to conventional metal braces.


Esthetic Fillings

The standard dental filling in dentistry for decades was comprised of a mercury based amalgamation of metals, silver in appearance. This filling material has served dentistry quite well, but does not look natural in the mouth. These silver fillings also maintain properties of metals conducting temperature easily and may expand and contract under these conditions causing stress in the tooth.
Modern fillings not only are superior esthetically by blending naturally with your tooth shade, but can strengthen the tooth, as opposed to a silver filling. These enamel-colored fillings contain no metal and leave you with a tooth that appears untouched by any dentist.


All Porcelain Bridges, Crowns and Veneers
Eliminate the dark shadow seen at the gum-line of your crown or bridge with all porcelain crowns and bridges containing no metal. All porcelain crowns and bridges are beautiful and appear natural in your mouth, not like a fake tooth with a gray shadow. Our local dental laboratories help us create custom, beautiful crowns and bridges just for your needs. Many of the all porcelain crowns can be done in one visit using our new Cerec 3D technology. Correct gaps, size discrepancies, or deep discoloration of teeth with a porcelain veneer. Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that are bonded to teeth to correct these flaws in your smile. Veneers are a very conservative treatment to enhance a smile naturally.


Teeth Whitening
As the years pass by, teeth darken for many reasons. Refresh your smile and brighten your whole face with teeth whitening. We offer several treatment options including professional strength Crest Whitestrips, custom bleach trays, and the super convenient in-office whitening procedure. Each treatment offers you the ability to turn your smile into what you envision in your mind’s eye.


Teeth Straightening without Unsightly Metal

Have your teeth shifted with time? Did you never have the opportunity to straighten your teeth as a teenager? Now you can have that straight smile using invisible braces instead of enduring two years of conventional orthodontics with unsightly metal brackets. Invisible braces offer you a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth without the discomfort and long treatment time of braces. You may be the perfect candidate to turn your smile around without too much hassle.


Dental Implant Restoration
Dental Implant Restoration can replace one missing tooth or many missing teeth. A dental implant is a titanium screw integrated into the gum and naturally bonded to the jawbone. Once placed, a healing time of three to six months must occur. Implants are restored to create a natural appearance undetectable to most eyes. Implants are dentistry’s best treatment to physiologically replace a missing tooth, root structure and all, aiding in the maintenance of healthy gums and bone.
Gum Sculpting with Lasers

Available now is the latest technology in diode lasers. The soft tissue laser allows greater comfort in tissue contouring and preventative care. The Odyssey soft tissue laser provides precise, minimally invasive dentistry today. Cosmetic gum sculpting (gingivectomy) can greatly enhance your smile and the laser is often used without the need for dental anesthetic.